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One hypnotherapy session with Pamela and my chronic sleep pattern changed; I have not regressed in 4 months.

Three additional sessions and my paralyzed/ avoidant state of mind for embracing new technology to assist my chronic health condition EVAPORATED; two new pieces of hardware and three new pieces of software later (including a new focus to optimize the tech) is in place!! A 10 year block, *poof * … gone! 6 sessions in total w Pamela and a very difficult relationship has markedly improved.

The immediate and noticeable effectiveness of hypnotherapy was astonishing. Pamela’s quiet confidence, skilled and assured pace and instructions to keep an open and yet intentionally focused mind just….worked!


I’m very grateful and happy to recommend Pamela’s therapeutic approach for hypnotherapy to anyone.


"I am HONOURED to be a part of Magpie Collective Women’s Events that are an EMPOWERING EXPERIENCE with support, sharing, and collaborating reflections on our focus and values to practically align our priorities in how we spend our time. We have the BEST WOMEN to help us navigate our lives with experts in HYPNOTHERAPY, HOLISTIC HEALING with foods, Qigong Movement, ART THERAPY, and BREATH WORK! I applaud all of you women for sharing your expert gifts. I applaud all of you women for sharing so generously your expert gifts towards MY BEST LIFE. The Qigong Movement was very revitalizing and something I’m excited continue to wake up my body and remain in the present moment. The Hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing and a revitalizing prelude to a restorative sleep that allows us to be conscious in our BEST LIFE!"


"I Came to the Magpie Collective event with a sore and tender heart and felt held and gently guided. I left with greater clarity and strength and was reminded of the healing power of women."

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