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The Best Place To Buy Essential Oils ((EXCLUSIVE))

Aromatics International is a great option for beginners and experienced oil users alike. There is an abundance of options from carrier oils to diffuser oils, easy to access and in-depth education with all of their products, and layers of third-party testing. They offer a variety of scents and products ranging from essential oils, carrier oils, hydrosols, and diffusers.

the best place to buy essential oils


Essential oils can yield several potential benefits beyond simply boosting your mood. Some essential oils are said to have antibacterial effects, while others can potentially reduce pain, such as headaches and joint pain. They may soothe even minor burns, including sunburns, and tackle niggling skin concerns. They also have a wide variety of emotional effects, ranging from easing insomnia and soothing anxiety and depression," says Clark.

Many recipes and craft projects at Savvy Homemade call for essential oils as ingredients. You can learn more about the uses and properties of these oils in my essential oil guide created over several years of experience.

They have a great introduction to essential oils page, which gives you all the details you need to get started and get the most out of your oils. They go a bit further though and provide a printable download that covers 101 uses for essential oils. This is absolutely fantastic and useful for beginners and essential oil aficionados alike. An all-round excellent company that is totally deserving of your hard-earned money.

The three brands listed above are my top recommendations for essential oils because of their blend of quality, transparency, pricing, and education. However, there are a few more brands that I think are worth at least a mention:

You may want to take an introductory aromatherapy course or at least spend some time really comparing and contrasting various essential oils with the guidance of a professional to become more alert in an olfactory way.

A quality supplier will sell their essential oils in a tightly sealed dark (usually amber) glass bottle. These are typically less than 4 ounces, though the most common size is a half ounce (15 milliliters).

Compare the price. A very low price is something to be wary of. But the highest priced bottle might not be the best choice either. In recent years the sale of essential oils has become retail-driven, whereas it used to be more practitioner-driven.

Before you buy essential oils, you should know that not all oils are created equal. Essential oil companies use different kinds of methods to produce their essential oils. Some companies use only pure, high-quality plants, while others use synthetic fillers instead of real plants in order to save money.

As mentioned, the best essential oils are those that are pure, without contamination or adulteration. Pure essential oils provide a safe and natural option for your family, without the risks that come from adulterated oils. Pure essential oils are the best option because they will be high quality and safe, giving you peace of mind when it comes to using essential oils in your home.

So, while we never sacrifice quality for price, you can get all the essential oils and supplies you need at market-leading prices with no gimmicks. We even offer a satisfaction and best price guarantee, because we want you to be completely happy with your purchase.

Remember that essential oils are oftentimes a key component of the supplements that we take, and this is key: Dietary supplement manufacturers are able to utilize structure/function claims whereas traditional aromatherapy companies who sell essential oils for external application cannot.

The bottom line is that according to the law (DSHEA), manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their products are safe before they are marketed; which is a main factor when considering where to buy essential oils.

When choosing where to buy essential oils, it is commonly believed that the bottle should contain a supplement label. To make a brief statement about internal use, the fact remains that there are no scientific, evidence-based, anatomical, physiological or logical reasons to say that essentials oils are unsafe for human consumption.

Virtually anything that is naturally flavored most likely contains essential oils. This is what the FDA says in the official document Code of Regulations, Title 21, Volume 6, Animal Food Labeling: Specific Animal Food Labeling Requirements. (11)

Cooking with essential oils is an extremely effective way to enjoy the health benefits as well as the wonderful experience through your taste buds. 1-2 drops of cilantro or coriander with 1-2 drops of lime, for example, goes wonderfully with your homemade guacamole. Try 1 drop of cumin in your curry next time. Or 1-2 drops of black pepper in virtually anything savory!FDA Approved GRAS Essential Oils

One way to experience the beneficial properties of plants is through the use of essential oils. Essential oils are volatile plant compounds in liquid form, most often distilled or extracted from the seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, peels, etc., of plants.

When using essential oils for treating an ailment, consistent application will yield the best and quickest results. In general, a little more patience and persistence is needed when using natural remedies, but finding relief with no ill effects, will be well worth it, especially if one of your goals is to raise a healthy family.

When an essential oil enters the olfactory system through our nostrils, it reaches the limbic system of the brain, which allows the aroma to have profound physiological and psychological effects. Aromatic use of essential oils is a great way to quickly boost your mood and to help relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional trauma.

This method is best used when dealing with more serious conditions, where you want to tackle something quickly. Essential oils are often taken internally for gastrointestinal issues, colds, flu, and getting rid of parasites. Oils could help support the treatment of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases. However, pregnant women, those with liver issues, and children under six should not ingest essential oils.

If you do ingest oils in water, use a ceramic, glass, or stainless-steel container. Due to the potency of essential oils, some of them can eat up plastic (but are safe for your body when consumed in moderation). Lemon oil, for example is known to cleanse petrochemicals from the body, which is wonderful, considering all the plastic packaging we can encounter throughout the day.

BEWARE: Not all oils are created equal and many are not suitable for human consumption. Please, check with the manufacturer to make sure the oil is pure, not treated with chemicals, and is safe for internal use. Click here for more detailed information on the safe usage of essential oils.

At Human Garage, we carry high quality essential oils from Essential Oil Wizardry and consistently use and recommend them to clients to help with headaches, indigestion, boosting their immune system to recover from colds and flu, anxiety, stress, sore muscles, and more.

There are so many essential oils and oil blends out there, for all types of health concerns and overall well-being. The therapeutic benefits are endless, and many people feel the benefits as soon as they take a whiff from one of those power-packed little bottles.

The rising popularity of essential oils has led to an influx of essential oil brands. Some companies push to offer lower and lower prices, compromising oil quality by adding synthetic compounds to their products. While pure essential oils have a multitude of benefits, fake oils can be harmful to you.

The essential oils brand that is best for you will depend on a mix of things. How do you plan on using the essential oils? Do you need lots of oils or just a few? What price are you comfortable paying for your oils?

The most important thing is that the essential oils sold are without chemical fillers, additives or synthetics. Most companies prove this by sending their oils to independent 3rd party labs, which perform a GC/MS (Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry) test to start, and sometimes a multitude of other chemical tests, as well. The best brands make these test results easily available to the consumer.

The next point of quality assurance lies in where the essential oils are sourced. Many plants have native countries where they flourish and thrive best, and different farmers will have different standards of production. The best oil brands have a special relationship with their suppliers and distillers, and visit them regularly to ensure the integrity and quality of raw materials supplied.

It is important to know who owns an essential oils brand. I prefer companies that have been in business for a while, rather than start-up companies that may still have lots to learn. A well-established essential oil company will also have an accessible customer service team, which is paramount to keeping customers happy.

On the front of essential oils quality, Young Living seem to be the real deal. They use a proprietary Seed to Seal process to make their essential oils. It is a system that controls the cultivating, harvesting and distilling of many of their oils. For some plants, Young Living owns their own farms across the world. This gives Young Living the unique ability to verify their quality standards at every step of the process.

You can buy Young Living essential oils from your local Independent Distributor. There are also qualified online distributors such as that sell legitimate YL oils. They are also available on

doTERRA tests each batch of essential oils with their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) quality protocol. It is a way to ensure potency, purity, and consistency from batch to batch. Unfortunately, this protocol is a company-internal process only. So despite its appealing name, it is far from industry-encompassing. 041b061a72

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