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Buy Dorothy Draper Wallpaper

NewWall are proud to announce the new addition of Maison Neva to our portfolio of brands. As an eclectic quartet of designers from across the globe, they have made an impressive impact on the world of interior design. Maison Neva are based in Paris but consist of 4 designers that hail from Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong and Saint-Petersburg. The designs are sophisticated, elegant and outstandingly beautiful. Their signature metal leaf and silk wallpapers are exquisite, hand made and expertly crafted. Established in 2016, Maison Neva push at the boundaries of interior design and are highly regarded across the globe.

buy dorothy draper wallpaper

We are delighted to launch NewWalls MC Escher Collection. A rare opportunity to enjoy the groundbreaking designs from the father of op art. Legendary for his abstract work and a hugely important influence for artists such as Brigit Riley, Escher is famous for his recurring patterns, labyrinths and illusions. This first wallpaper collection reflects some of his most iconic images. Escher is fascinated in challenging perceptions. Reality as seen through the eyes of the artist is surreal and wondrous. Several worlds of the artist are available to entice your mind. The hypnotic recurring 8 heads is a masterpiece of illusion. Cubes and Spheres have a mesmerizing 3D effect and bring contemporary, engaging images to enjoy in your own space. A titan among graphic artists, an awesome addition to any room.

Abstract. Mesmerizing. Unique. Turn your next interior project into an extravagant work of art. Wallpaper Projects is a boutique design studio specializing in custom-made, custom-fit, high-end, pasted wallpaper, and fabric material wall coverings.

We are thrilled to launch Elements, a new selection of exclusive wallpapers from Wall&Deco. These exceptional designs are eco to the core. Luxurious and contemporary, Wall&Deco traverse Moorish and Eastern culture with recurrent images to stunning effect.

Famous panoramic woodblock-printed wallpaper is now available at NewWall. Famous for its hand-printed panoramic scenes on woodblock-printed paper, Zuber is based in Alsace, France and is the last factory in the world to use the 18th century technique for its painted wallpaper. True to its origin and undeniable French heritage, Zuber is the only remaining manufacturer to produce panoramic sceneries with woodblocks and use only the finest antique materials to cultivate such fine pieces of art.

The martinique wall paper is the iconic leaf print design that graces the walls at the historic Beverly Hills Hotel and Indochine NYC. The Brazilliance wallpaper (also equally as iconic) was designed by Dorothy Draper and was famously used in the Greenrbiar Hotel in West Virginia. Although both wallpapers are very similar, Dorothy distinguished her design with clusters of grapes.

Wallpapers can be tricky to use within a home or apartment but what I love about both designs is that they have proven to be timeless. The martinique wallpaper has been around for 60 years and has the ability to create an exotic feel.

On the other hand, many actors and actresses got photographed at the likewise legendary interiors of the Beverley Hills Hotel. The large palm print of the Martinique wallpaper entered the public consciousness as the height of glamorous cool.Drapers Greenbrier has a pink and white sign that adds a pop of color to the Brazilliance wallpaper

The Dorothy Draper Brazilliance print has now been issued by Carleton Varney for things other than wallpaper, such as this sarong.This site generates income via partnerships with carefully-curated travel and lifestyle brands and/or purchases made through links to them.

Decorating came to a halt during World War II and she took a job of decorating a resort and casino in Brazil. Using that experience, she collaborated with F. Schumacher & Co. in 1947 to create a tropical fabric and wallpaper collection they called Brazilliance, highlighting South American style.

Draper designed the Rhododendron wallpaper for her renovation of the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, in 1948. The original Greenbrier opened in 1780 and, prior to World War II, was the preferred hotel of the Southern elite. Following its use by the military during the war, the Greenbrier commissioned Draper to decorate the hotel during its $4.2 million renovation. Draper used fifteen thousand rolls of Rhododendron wallpaper to line the halls.

7. Scale is key. Matthews advices to keep scale in mind when decorating rooms. For instance, large rooms call for large prints. Common rooms at The Greenbrier and Grand Hotel are wallpapered in 15-inch and 20-inch stripes. 041b061a72

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