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Nukkad Natak Script In Hindi On Child Labour Pdf Download

Nukkad Natak Script in Hindi on Child Labour PDF Download

Child labour is a serious social issue that affects millions of children around the world. According to the International Labour Organization, there are about 152 million children aged 5 to 17 years who are engaged in child labour, of which 73 million are in hazardous work. Child labour deprives children of their right to education, health, and development, and exposes them to various forms of exploitation and abuse.

One of the ways to raise awareness and sensitise people about the problem of child labour is through nukkad natak, or street plays. Nukkad natak is a popular form of theatre that uses simple props, costumes, and dialogues to convey a social message to the audience. Nukkad natak can be performed in any public place, such as markets, streets, parks, or schools, and can attract a large number of people.


If you are looking for nukkad natak script in hindi on child labour, you can find some useful resources online. Here are some websites that offer free pdf download of nukkad natak script in hindi on child labour:

  • [Hindi Men]: This website provides a drama script on child labour in hindi language with hindi font. The script is based on the stories of four child labourers who work in different sectors, such as carpet weaving, brick kiln, domestic work, and tea stall. The script also includes photos that can be used for creating the scenes and characters.

  • [Panot Book]: This website offers a pdf file of script for nukkad nataks in hindi and english. The file contains scripts on various social issues, such as corruption, dowry, female foeticide, environment, and child labour. The script on child labour depicts the plight of a girl who is forced to work as a maid in a rich household.

  • [YouTube] : You can also watch some videos of nukkad natak on child labour performed by different groups on YouTube. These videos can give you an idea of how to enact the scenes, dialogues, and emotions of the characters. Some examples of nukkad natak videos on child labour are: [Nukkad Natak Child Labour], [Nukkad natak on Child Labour Samar study hall girls school Kashipur], and [NUKKAD NATAK BY STUDENTS ON LABOUR DAY REAL PUBLIC SCHOOL].

We hope that these resources will help you to prepare and perform a nukkad natak on child labour that will educate and inspire the audience to take action against this social evil.


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