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Fdny Dispatch Tones

FDNY Dispatch Tones

The FDNY dispatch tones are the sounds that alert the firefighters and other emergency personnel of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) to respond to an incident. The tones are generated by a computer system that assigns a unique tone code to each fire company, battalion, division, and special unit. The tones are transmitted over the radio frequency of the borough where the incident is located, and also over a citywide frequency for major incidents.

The FDNY dispatch tones consist of two parts: a two-tone alert and a voice announcement. The two-tone alert is composed of two sinusoidal tones of different frequencies that are played for one second each. The tone frequencies are based on a standard called the ZVEI code, which was originally developed in Germany for paging systems. The ZVEI code has 16 possible tone frequencies, ranging from 240 Hz to 2600 Hz, and each tone code is a combination of two of these frequencies. The tone codes are assigned to the fire units according to a predefined list, which can be found on various websites . The two-tone alert serves as a warning signal for the firefighters to prepare for the voice announcement, which follows immediately after the tones.

Fdny Dispatch Tones

The voice announcement is a synthesized female voice that provides information about the incident, such as the location, the type of incident, the box number, and the units assigned. The voice is generated by a text-to-speech system that converts the data from the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system into audible speech. The voice announcement is repeated twice for clarity and confirmation. The voice announcement also includes a time stamp at the end, which indicates the time when the incident was reported.

The FDNY dispatch tones are an essential part of the fire department's communication system, as they allow the firefighters to quickly and efficiently respond to emergencies. The tones also have a cultural significance for the firefighters, as they represent their identity and pride as members of the FDNY. Some firefighters even use the tones as ringtones for their personal phones, or as samples for music production. The FDNY dispatch tones are also recognized by many New Yorkers and visitors, who associate them with the bravery and professionalism of the FDNY.

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