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Holiday Homework Bal Bharti Public School

Holiday Homework Bal Bharti Public School

Bal Bharti Public School is a group of educational institutions in India that aim to provide quality education and holistic development to students. The school follows the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and offers classes from pre-school to senior secondary level. The school also organizes various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance the skills and talents of the students.

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As part of the academic calendar, the school assigns holiday homework to the students during the summer and winter vacations. The holiday homework is designed to reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom, develop creativity and critical thinking, and encourage self-learning and exploration. The holiday homework also helps the students to prepare for the upcoming assessments and examinations.

The holiday homework for different classes and subjects can be downloaded from the official website of the school. The links for the holiday homework for the academic session 2023-24 are given below:

  • Pre School: [Download HHW]

  • Pre Primary: [Download HHW]

  • Class I: [Download HHW]

  • Class II: [Download HHW]

  • Class III: [Download HHW]

  • Class IV: [Download HHW]

  • Class V: [Download HHW]

  • Class VI: [Download HHW]

  • Class VII: [Download HHW]

  • Class VIII: [Download HHW]

  • Class IX: [Download HHW]

  • Class X: [Download HHW]

  • Class XI: [Download HHW]

  • Class XII: [Download HHW]

The holiday homework consists of various assignments, projects, worksheets, and activities that cover different topics and themes related to the syllabus. The students are expected to complete the holiday homework with sincerity and honesty, and submit it to their respective teachers after the vacation. The holiday homework carries marks that are added to the internal assessment of the students.

The holiday homework also provides an opportunity for the students to utilize their time productively and creatively during the vacation. The students can explore their interests and hobbies, read books, watch documentaries, play games, learn new skills, and spend quality time with their family and friends. The holiday homework also helps the students to develop a habit of regular study and revision, which is essential for academic success.

The school hopes that the holiday homework will be a fun and enriching experience for the students, and will motivate them to achieve their goals and aspirations. The school wishes all the students a happy and safe vacation.

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