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Antologia Pianistica by Giuseppe Piccioli: A Review

Antologia Pianistica is a collection of piano pieces and exercises by Giuseppe Piccioli, an Italian composer and pedagogue. The collection consists of two volumes, each containing 47 pages of music. The pieces range from easy to intermediate level, and cover various styles and techniques of piano playing. The collection is intended for young students who want to improve their musical skills and knowledge.

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The first volume of Antologia Pianistica contains pieces by composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Debussy, and others. The pieces are arranged in chronological order, and each piece is preceded by a brief introduction that provides some historical and musical context. The pieces are selected to illustrate the main characteristics and developments of each musical period, such as the Baroque, the Classical, the Romantic, and the Impressionist. The pieces also introduce various musical forms and genres, such as the prelude, the fugue, the sonata, the rondo, the nocturne, the waltz, and the etude.

The second volume of Antologia Pianistica contains pieces by Piccioli himself, as well as some transcriptions and arrangements of popular songs and folk tunes. The pieces are grouped into four sections: Melodies, Rhythms, Harmonies, and Polyphonies. Each section focuses on a specific aspect of piano playing, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and counterpoint. The pieces are designed to help students develop their musical expression, technique, and creativity. The pieces also reflect Piccioli's own musical style and influences, which include jazz, blues, ragtime, Latin American music, and modern classical music.

Antologia Pianistica is a valuable resource for piano students who want to expand their repertoire and learn more about music history and theory. The collection offers a variety of pieces that suit different tastes and levels of difficulty. The pieces are well-edited and annotated by Piccioli himself, who provides useful tips and suggestions for interpretation and practice. The collection is also available in PDF format for free download from IMSLP , a website that hosts public domain sheet music.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and enjoyable piano anthology that covers a wide range of musical styles and periods, you should definitely check out Antologia Pianistica by Giuseppe Piccioli. You will not be disappointed by the quality and diversity of the music that this collection offers.

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