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Wed, Jan 05


Join us on Zoom Every Wednesday at 8pm


Take your life to new heights by dedicating just 1 hour per week to soul care moving stuck energy through Qigong and reprogramming you brain with guided meditation.

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Time & Location

Jan 05, 2022, 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. MST

Join us on Zoom Every Wednesday at 8pm


About the event


Is often described as a system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing and meditation used for the purpose of health and vitality; is traditionally viewed by the Chinese and throughout Asia as a practice to cultivate and balance qi (pronounced as "chi" and translated to mean "life energy").

Qigong can include moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movement and rhythmic breathing alongside a calm meditative state of mind. 

In our guided meditation series, we will use qigong movement to gently shift and then optimize blocked energy or chi in our bodies.

Guided Meditation 

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pamela Meyer will lead group intention guided meditations that will help us to naturally connect with our subconscious mind and begin or strengthen our infinite power to live our best life.

Combined QiGong and Guided Meditation Course Details 

Over zoom, attendees will join the group from the comfort of their own home. 

This weekly, one hour practice will sometimes include gentle qigong movement (10 min) followed by a guided intentional based meditation (60-50 min) which will use relaxation techniques of hypnotherapy. 

Who is this for: 

This practice is for anyone seeking the healing power of deep relaxation, restoration and positive change in 2022


Our program will begin Wed January 5, 2022 from 8pm-9pm (1 hour) MST and will run for 6 months, where attendees are free to register on a month-to-month basis. 

Special Offer:

For the month of January 2022, classes will be free of change! 

We are so proud and excited about the unique content we have created; we want to offer both new and returning participants the experience free of charge before committing to future months. 

February – June

Our monthly rates are $50.00 / per month and will included weekly guidance for intention setting. Participants may opt in and out of participation as they wish.  

Program topics:

We have created an agenda of topics, but we will adapt our content as the program rolls along based on feedback and interests of our class community.  

January - Limitless U

To begin 2022, our meditation sessions will focus our intentions on breaking from limiting beliefs, thoughts and habits that no longer serve our lives. We will also look at our fears and the concept of the ‘expansive self’ by engaging, communicating and enhancing the deep connection we have with universal wisdom and all living things.

February - Joyful U

We will focus our intentions on true joy by focusing on an inward journey back to a joyful carefree child-like state. 

March - Radiant Healthy U

We will focus our intentions on healthy living for our physical bodies where we look at our eating and ideas around topics such as adequate fiber, hydration, and sleep. We will work with how hydration relates to our ‘flow state’ in both mind and body; and how intentional meditation can enhance deep restorative sleep, our ability to intuitively find, prepare and eat healthy foods and our desire and ease around regular exercise.

April - Empowered U

We will look at the concept of power dynamics in relationships and focus our meditation intentions on balance and boundary setting, our feelings around autonomy and healthy interdependence and techniques we can use to ground / neutralize negative charges we experience.


May – Unique and Authentic U

We will focus our meditation intentions on exploring our goals, pursuits and gifts; letting go of judgement (of self and others) and releasing opinions others may have about us and our lives. 

June - Creative U

We will focus our meditation intentions on reconnecting with our creative power and empowering our energy to materialize our goals. During these sessions, we will connect to our heart's wisdom. 







    Join us on zoom for SOUL CARE WEDNESDAY






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